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​The Masonic Formation Class (MFC) is a gathering of individuals who are eager to delve deeper into the knowledge and teachings of Freemasonry. The class format ranges from lectures to question and answer periods to discussions all facilitated by Coaches, who are experienced Masons, and participants including prospects and candidates (non-Masons), and Masons of any degree, participate in multi-dimensional learning about this ancient fraternity.


All who have a genuine interest in our craft are invited to join these meetings. Attending the MFC is a great way for those considering Masonry to begin to learn about the craft and determine if this is something they wish to pursue.


​After introductions and questions from participants, each class provides a forum in which candidates and brothers engage in meaningful discussions, and share insights, and views which ultimately lead to a better understanding of Masonry.​

This process is invaluable in the personal growth, development of everyone involved, and a sincere sense of comradely. Individual coaching and mentoring are also available, after the discussion group, and this process provides personalized guidance and support to those who seek it, interaction allows for a deeper exploration of Masonic principles and practices, fostering personal growth and spiritual development, and provides opportunities for individual or group work on degree proficiencies.

As in many learning environments and in honor of long-held traditions of providing participants with information at the proper time, the group discussions held during the first part of each class can be subject to individuals who are least informed, but coaches strive to focus on concepts in lieu of specific details which allow broader fields to be explored without giving up any secrets. The advanced planning that makes up classes includes consideration of participant awareness levels, anticipated questions, timing of historical events, Grand Lodge schedules and programs, and district and lodge initiatives, and when possible, planned topics are provided in class email invitations.

Participants are educated on the proper conduct and decorum expected in Masonic gatherings, and learn Lodge Etiquette and parliamentary procedures ensuring that they can actively contribute and participate in Lodge activities with confidence and respect. Topics delve into the symbolism, spirituality, and personal development within the context of Masonry. Understanding the symbolic meanings behind various Masonic symbols and rituals adds depth and richness to one's Masonic journey, while exploring spirituality within the fraternity fosters a sense of purpose and inner fulfillment.

Discussions can explore the lives and contributions of famous masons throughout history. By studying the achievements and leadership qualities of these individuals, participants gain insights and inspiration that can be applied to their own lives and their roles within the fraternity.

Finally, Lodge operation, Lodge & Grand Lodge events, and current events affecting Freemasonry help participants prepare to be a part of these events, and aid in their understanding.

Overall, the Masonic Formation Class offers a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of Freemasonry, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all men interested in expanding their knowledge and involvement in this ancient and honorable fraternity.

Please contact us if you would like to attend.

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